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    World tour: Mexico; from Chiapas to Mexico City region

    After one month in the Yucatan Peninsula, it was time for me to move on and go to the west: from Chiapas to Mexico city and around. This part is more traditional and cultural compared to Yucatan which is very touristic and has more marvelous beaches. Step 1: Palenque Palenque is, for me, the most beautiful archaeological site in Mexico. Part of it is in the jungle and the other part is outside, in a clear place. Thus, you can perfectly see some pyramids (and climb them) but you can see others in the jungle, covered of grass and trees. Moreover, the ticket includes the museum entrance. Maybe you already…

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    World tour: Mexico – Peninsula of Yucatan

    After the small country named Belize, it was time for me to visit the huge country name Mexico! I decided to stay more than 2 months here, thus I will write 2 articles: the first (this one) about the Yucatan Peninsula and the second one about the west of the country and Mexico City. Step 1: Bacalar The laguna of Bacalar is the main attraction of the city. The clear blue water, so shallow that you can walk dozens of meters without any problem. Moreover, the laguna is not directly connected to the ocean, thus you avoid the sargasso’s invasion which is everywhere else is in the country. You will…

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    my encounter with a warrior

    When we talk about travel, we often talk about the cultures, the new countries, the adventures (good or bad) and the people you meet. During these 15months of travel, there is one person I met who changed my life forever. I boarded on this plane on the 14th of August 2018, fulled of doubts and fears. What will I do if this happens? And if that happens? And if, and if, and if… I imagined enough situations to write a science fiction book of 3 tomes. The plane didn’t crash, and I landed in Rio de Janeiro at 4h am. Because of the jet lag and the flight, I was…

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    World tour: Belize

    Belize is a small country on the Caribbean coast in Central America between Guatemala and Mexico. This place is most of the time unknown and ignored by travelers. And yet, this English speaking country (the only in Central America!) has several nice places waiting to be discovered! Step 1: San Ignacio San Ignacio is the first city when you arrived from Guatemala. It is the perfect place to stay a few days, do some activities and start to discover Belize. The most famous activity (and the most expensive ~90US$) is the ATM Cave (or the Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave). You can visit this cave to see stalagmites and stalactites, swim…

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    World tour: Guatemala

    Step 1: Antigua Antigua is the former capital of Guatemala and the favorite compared to Guatemala City. Moreover, if you arrive at Guatemala City airport, there are many shuttles all day to go directly to Antigua. Antigua kept its colonial style with the colorful houses, the paved streets and the magnificent buildings. Between the churches, the main square and the Cerro del Cruz which offers a viewpoint on the city, you have enough to see for an entire day. Outside of Antigua, there is the famous volcano El Fuego. Its particularity comes from the fact that it’s always erupted. If you book a tour, you can climb at the top…

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    Guatemala: to see a volcano’s eruption

    Who never dreamed to see an eruption of a volcano with his own eyes? To see magma flooding during the night? To hear the mountain being angry? When I saw the picture of the El Fuego volcano the first time, I immediately added this place to my list. I could have come to Guatemala only to see this place. So, of course, when I arrived in Guatemala, I immediately went to Antigua to see El Fuego. Where? First, you have to go to Antigua, it is around 1h bus from the capital, Guatemala City. Here, you have tons of travel agencies which offer this tour. The tour itself is on…

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    World tour : Guyana

    Guyana belongs to the 3 Guyanas with Suriname and French Guyana. After I visited these two last countries, it was obvious I visit this mysterious country located between Suriname, Brazil, and Venezuela. This country is not a touristic place, thus it was complicated for me to find any information. It was once I arrived, I discovered it without having a clue of what I could expect. Step 1: Georgetown Georgetown is Guyana’s capital. To get there, it’s easy because all the main roads go to this city. In my case, I arrived from Suriname. At the border, there are buses and taxis to drive you during all the day and…

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    World tour: Suriname

    After one month in French Guyana, I decided to continue my road to the West and to go to Suriname. This small country was mysterious to me until I reached it. I was surprised when I discovered the different places I can visit here. Step 1: Galibi Galibi is close to French Guyana’s border. To access to it it’s easy, but you have to be organized. Let me explain you. There is only one boat per day from Albina (the city at the border) which goes to Galibi but there is no boat every day to come back to Albina from Galibi. Thus, you have to be sure there is…

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    World tour: French Guyana

    French Guyana is too many times forgotten and abandoned by travelers. Yet, this unknown french region is full of beautiful surprises ready to be seen. First, the history of this region is very interesting but also its nature is so rich. There is so much to discover and to learn! Step 1: Saint Georges de l’Oyapock I came from Brazil, so it was logical to start my trip to the border. Saint Georges de l’Oyapock is a village very peaceful. We can still feel the influence of the Brazilian culture on the inhabitants. If you go to the market, you will see many Brazilians selling their own products. If you…

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    To assist to a rocket launch

    The 20th June 2019 at 6.43pm was the 248th satellites launch with the Ariane 5 launcher. As every Ariane 4 rockets, this one was launched from Kourou, in French Guyana. I was lucky enough to be in French Guyana for this moment. Thus, it was mandatory for me to be here and see this with my own eyes. When are the rockets launched? If you want to know when the next launch is scheduled, you just have to go to the Space Center website. However, during the rainy season (from October to April more or less), there is no rocket launch because of the weather. Indeed, the high winds and…