About Sabrina

Sabrina I’m Sabrina and I was born on March 27th 1992.

Travelling has not been always a passion for me (or an addiction). Before, it was holidays for me, and travelling allowed me to spend times with my family or friends. I didn’t have “dream destinations”, willing to see breath taking landscapes or meeting people of all around the world. I was in my confort zone and it was enought for me.

So, what changes my life ?10881737_745992378813053_1678622618731361940_n

During my last school year, I studied during one semester in a foreign country. In August 2014, I flew to Stockholm for the next 6 months. Once there, I meet lots of students from all the world. When the holidays came, I tried to organized a travel to discover Sweden and countries around. However, I had one problem: every student I met, wanted to go back home for the holidays. I had to mak a choice: travel alone or go back in France for the holidays. Do you imagine what happened ? I traveled for one week in Copenhagen, Malmö et Götenborg. And guess what ? I loved it! Of course, everything thing didn’t go as I planned, it was my first travel alone. It was difficult to find a nice cheap hostel, and one arrived, I realized what is was to sleep in a 10 persons mixt dormitory. However, I discovered how much it was easy to meet new people while you’re travelling and what it feels to visit a city on your own at your speed, according to what you want to see. When I went back to Stockholm, I immediatly started to organise my next travel : Olso and the norwegians fjords. At the end of the semester, I even decided to enjoy Sweden a bit more and I wen to Laponia, alone of course! We get my point now, a this moment I had the travel virus in my blood (and as I know there is no cure for now).


Why this blog?

As you can easly imagine, when I came back from Sweden, I didn’t stop travelling. Since this time, I take every opportunity to travel more of less fare and more or less for a long time. In juilly 2016, I decided to create this travel blog to give to other persons the desire to travel. Its goal is to give a lots of informations and advices to travelers (beginners or not) but also to show how easy it is to travel even as a solo woman. I hope this blog, will encourage you to travel alone or not if you don’t like it =).

My projects, my futur

Today, this blog doesn’t allow me to earn money. I work on it just because I like it and it’s my passion. I have a job to afford me my travels and to save money for a longer travel (few months? one year? more ? I don’t know).

As everyone, I have lots of places around the world I would like to see as : Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico, Russia, etc. I would also like some experiences as the transsiberian train, or living with the nomads of Mongolia. I’m currently working of differents travels I plan to do soon.

Of course, during all my travels, I will continu to update my blog with photos or articles.


What do you need to know about me (or not)

  • My favorite movie: The secret life of Walter Mitty (2015)
  • My favorite book: The life list – Lori Nelson
  • My favorite colour: Purple
  • I love eating: tiramisu and sushis (but not at the same time)
  • I’m afraid : huge spiders
  • I’ve already …. : made a 2 days tour with sleigh dogs in Laponia
  • I’ve never…: travel in Oceania
  • I would like to… : travel in a boat for few days (boat hitchhiking?)
  • I love travel… : Light
  • I don’t like to travel…: in a rush
  • What I prefer the most in travelling: discover a country and its inhabitants
  • Countries I dream to visit: Cuba, Vietnam, New Zeland (There are much more but I’ll stop here)
  • My favorite trip: Laponia