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Just this name gives chills. It reminds horrors, suffering, a dark period of our history. The darkest. The fundamental human rights of men, women, children were violated there. Thousands of persons have been massacred because of their religion, ethnic origin or sexual orientation were “non conform”. And this, only 70 years ago. The time of our grand-parents you might say. Yet, in this place, we can still feel the atrocities which have been made here.

The pictures, the testimonies, the guide explanations allow us to imagine the nightmare to hope to survive one more day in this camp. The inhuman sanitary conditions, the physical and psychological humiliations, the malnutrition, the forced labor, everything was there to torture the prisoners each moment.

All of this is barely believable. How can a man impose this to another man? How keep a stiff upper lip in front of this or worst? How people could they be part of this? We would like to convince ourself that at their place, we would rebel. We would resist the atrocity. We would fight for our rights, our freedom, to end the massacre. But, it is true?

Anyway, today such atrocities are unbelievable. Nowadays, in 2017, such atrocities are not possible anymore. The men, the women, and the children are no more massacre because of their religion or sexuality. The person of foreign origin is no more entrapped in camps with unsafe and inhumane conditions. Certainly not in France, Human Rights country. If it might exist, we would stir up scandal, we would take the streets to denounce it! We would react immediately to end it! Because we know how atrocious and unacceptable it is, our past proved it. Doesn’t it…?

“A nation that forgets its past has no future.” Winston Churchill

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