I tried ...!

Stories of my experiences more or less funny and unexpected during my travels.

  • décollage ariane 5
    I tried ...!

    To assist to a rocket launch

    The 20th June 2019 at 6.43pm was the 248th satellites launch with the Ariane 5 launcher. As every Ariane 4 rockets, this one was launched from Kourou, in French Guyana. I was lucky enough to be in French Guyana for this moment. Thus, it was mandatory for me to be here and see this with my own eyes. When are the rockets launched? If you want to know when the next launch is scheduled, you just have to go to the Space Center website. However, during the rainy season (from October to April more or less), there is no rocket launch because of the weather. Indeed, the high winds and…

  • onsen
    I tried ...!

    I tried the onsen

    The onsen is the symbol of the Japanese art of living and welfare. It is indissociable from Japan and if you visit this country without going there, you may regret it. The onsen, what is this? The onsen is like a spa. Indeed, it is a hot bath and the water is heated thanks to a geothermal source. So, there are hot and cold baths or sauna and/or solarium depending on the establishment. Well, ok, but we can find spas everywhere in Europe or around the world. So why is the onsen so particular? Because the main difference is that you are totally naked. No clothes, even not a swimsuit…

  • port de Belfast
    I tried ...!

    I tried the waterboard in Belfast harbor

    Do you know waterboard? Personally, I discovered what it was just before tried it. And the second I saw it, I’ve decided to try it! So instead of explaining what it is with a long and boring article, I’ll show you a video. Now, you know what waterboard is, I’ll detail my experience Where? In Belfast harbor, just behind the Titanic museum. When? It’s not open all the days, you will have more chance during the weekend and the afternoon. The price 20£ This price includes the material and the instructions for beginners. How long? The session lasts around 1 hour: 15 mins for initiation and 45min for practicing. The…

  • ile de paques
    I tried ...!

    I tried… volunteering on Easter Island

    Volunteering, what is it? The Woofing or workaway is a kind of volunteer. You have a free accommodation in the inhabitant’s place in exchange for a work. In general, the work lasts 20-25h/week and Saturdays-Sundays are days off. Sometimes, the meals are also included and you may eat with your host. The work can be very different from one place to another: teaching languages, gardening, helping to run a hostel, take care of animals, etc. Why become a volunteer? I decided to do woofing for many reasons. First of all, it’s been nearly 3 months I was traveling and I began to be tired to change of place every 3…

  • huacachina
    I tried ...!

    I tried the sandboard

    The sandboard, what is it? In fact, it’s really simple: if the snowboard is sliding on the snow, the sandboard is on the sand. Before trying sandboard, I’ve never practice snowboard (or ski, or skateboard). Even if, I always wanted to try. So, now that I had the opportunity to try sandboard, there was no reason not to! I had the chance to practice sandboard twice in South America and both experiences were completely different. My first time: Huacachina (Peru) Huacachina is well-known for the sandboard (and buggy). This oasis, in the middle of the desert, is a perfect place for sandboard. All the agencies offer the same tours for…