My thoughts in travel

Here I am going to tell you about my travels or give you tips. I will just say what comes to my mind according to my mood!

  • salar uyuni
    My thoughts in travel

    my encounter with a warrior

    When we talk about travel, we often talk about the cultures, the new countries, the adventures (good or bad) and the people you meet. During these 15months of travel, there is one person I met who changed my life forever. I boarded on this plane on the 14th of August 2018, fulled of doubts and fears. What will I do if this happens? And if that happens? And if, and if, and if… I imagined enough situations to write a science fiction book of 3 tomes. The plane didn’t crash, and I landed in Rio de Janeiro at 4h am. Because of the jet lag and the flight, I was…

  • trek w
    My thoughts in travel

    The questions you have when you want to travel alone

    To travel alone. To discover the world by myself, without doing any concession or compromise. You just follow your desires. This is something that many people want to do. But, it’s a bit hard to dare to do it. We wander so many things. I wonder many questions before my first solo travel, and no one around me had the answers, only more worries. This is why, I’ve decided to answer these questions, to share my experiences and the experiences of women I met during my travels. In this article, I’m not going to make things prettier than they are, I’m going to say what I think and the answers…