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Stories and ideas for traveling just a few days.

  • Place d'espagne - Séville
    Week end in

    Week end in Seville : what to do ? What to see ?

    Roman, Arabic then Spanish, Seville’s history is a combination of several civilizations and thus cultures. All these influences are still visible nowadays when you walk in the city. You discover a mixture of Roman, Arabic, and Spanish which is surprising. How to get there? Seville has one airport where some low-cost companies land from all of Europe. You can also choose to get there by train. The train station Santa Justa is 15min walking from the city center. When? The winter was the perfect season for me. There are not many tourists and the weather is nice. In my case, I visited Seville during February. I had sunny days and…

  • Porto: panorama
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    Weekend in Porto: What to do? What to see?

    Weekend in Porto: What to do? What to see? Often considered as Lisbon’s little sister, Porto doesn’t need to be jealous of the Portuguese capital. Smaller but warmer, Porto is most of the time more appreciated than Lisbon. How to get there? Like all big European cities, the easiest and fastest is the flight. There are even many low-cost companies which fly to Porto airport. When? Even if Porto is located in the north of Portugal, it is very hot during the summer. Moreover, the summer is the touristic season. In my case, I went there in September. The high season is finished and the weather is still good. The…

  • sydney opera house
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    Week end in Sydney

    Sydney, the Australian city at the other side of the world is the dream of some many people. Many of them place this city on their To-Do list. And for those who want to go there soon, here are my advise and my crushes to enjoy the city. How access to Sydney? To access to the city, there is no choice, you have to take a flight! Australia is an island, the aircraft is the only way to access it. When? You have to keep in mind that the seasons in Australia are reversed compared to Europe. Thus, in January-February, it’s the summer in Australia. However, the temperatures stay between…