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my encounter with a warrior

When we talk about travel, we often talk about the cultures, the new countries, the adventures (good or bad) and the people you meet. During these 15months of travel, there is one person I met who changed my life forever.

I boarded on this plane on the 14th of August 2018, fulled of doubts and fears. What will I do if this happens? And if that happens? And if, and if, and if… I imagined enough situations to write a science fiction book of 3 tomes. The plane didn’t crash, and I landed in Rio de Janeiro at 4h am. Because of the jet lag and the flight, I was exhausted, I went straight to the hostel, dropped my backpack and went to Copacabana beach. And there, I saw this beautiful sight: the deserted beach and the sunset. Yep, I made it. I was gone without a return ticket. While I was sitting on the beach, I realized what was going on: I was going to travel I don’t know how many times and alone on this continent without even speaking Spanish. Me who loved having plans for everything, I didn’t have a plan this time. Yet, I was calm and happy.

Of course, this travel had some bad adventures, but it’s this moment I met her. A real warrior I could rely upon. She was there each time I needed her. She managed the situations calmly or she let her rage explode when I needed it. She stayed calmed and smiling at the airport when I missed my flight to Eastern Island even when the women of the airline company were mocking me. She howled on this guy to make him stop when he was harassing me. Who is she? It’s me. I didn’t know this aspect of my personality. I who lacked self-confidence, yet I stood up and I howled on this guy in front of everybody. Me who was panicking when something didn’t follow my plan, I stayed calm at the airport. I didn’t recognize myself. And yet, I was the one who did these.

I met myself thanks to this travel. I discovered this new aspect of my personality. I overcame things alone I never thought I could. How did I do it? What’s my secret? Well, I didn’t have a choice. I was alone at the airport, so I did it. I was alone on the beach, no one came to help me, so I did it. And even if at the moment, I wished someone was here to help me, today, I’m glad I was alone. Now, I know I’m capable of it. Now, I am less scared when I’m alone because I know this part of me will come to help me. I’m not talking to put myself in dangerous situations, just to do what I want without being (too much) scared.

This encounter with myself changed my life forever because it gave me self-confidence and now I am more willing to accept challenges and new experiences.

Until we meet again, rest well my warrior,

Your host,


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