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    World tour: Ecuador

    After one month in Colombia, I arrived at the extreme south of the country. My logical next move was to continue my travel in Ecuador. From the mountains to the beach, from party cities to historical villages, from chilling on a beach to hiking in the mountains, I tell you everything about my trip! Step 1: Otavalo I left Colombia in the south; it makes sense I reached Ecuador in the north. So I start to discover the country with the village named Otavalo. This place is famous for its crafts marker. The market is every day but it gets bigger on Saturday when people from other villages come. But…

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    Ecuador: Quilotoa Loop in 4 days

    The Quilotoa Loop is well-known by the hikers and one of the most famous in Ecuador. It is possible to trek during one day of a few days for the bravest. Personally, I decided to try the longest version, which means 4 days. About the direction, I wanted to finish by the most impressive landscape, the lake. In this direction, you are more going up than downhill, but to me, it was more important to have the crater as the final aim of the trek. Thus, I’ll tell you everything about my 4 days of hiking! Day 1: From Sigchos to Isinlivi First of all, you have to go to…

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    The questions you have when you want to travel alone

    To travel alone. To discover the world by myself, without doing any concession or compromise. You just follow your desires. This is something that many people want to do. But, it’s a bit hard to dare to do it. We wander so many things. I wonder many questions before my first solo travel, and no one around me had the answers, only more worries. This is why, I’ve decided to answer these questions, to share my experiences and the experiences of women I met during my travels. In this article, I’m not going to make things prettier than they are, I’m going to say what I think and the answers…

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    3 days with an indigenous community: the Tsachilas

    During my travel in Ecuador, I had the opportunity to stay 3 days (2 nights) in an indigenous community named the Tsachilas. Here, there is not a tourist trap. The stay will be with indigenous people and I will live with them like their daily life is usually. So, you can immediately forget the traditional costumes or the shows only for the tourists. The goal of this experience is to discover their way of life today and the beauty of the region. Day 1 I arrive at the terminal bus of Santo Domingo in the morning around 10h30am. My contact, Byron, is here waiting for me. Byron will be my…

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    Week end in Seville : what to do ? What to see ?

    Roman, Arabic then Spanish, Seville’s history is a combination of several civilizations and thus cultures. All these influences are still visible nowadays when you walk in the city. You discover a mixture of Roman, Arabic, and Spanish which is surprising. How to get there? Seville has one airport where some low-cost companies land from all of Europe. You can also choose to get there by train. The train station Santa Justa is 15min walking from the city center. When? The winter was the perfect season for me. There are not many tourists and the weather is nice. In my case, I visited Seville during February. I had sunny days and…

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    Weekend in Porto: What to do? What to see?

    Weekend in Porto: What to do? What to see? Often considered as Lisbon’s little sister, Porto doesn’t need to be jealous of the Portuguese capital. Smaller but warmer, Porto is most of the time more appreciated than Lisbon. How to get there? Like all big European cities, the easiest and fastest is the flight. There are even many low-cost companies which fly to Porto airport. When? Even if Porto is located in the north of Portugal, it is very hot during the summer. Moreover, the summer is the touristic season. In my case, I went there in September. The high season is finished and the weather is still good. The…

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    World tour: Colombia

    Step 1: Bogota Bogota is the capital of Colombia. However, as often, the capital doesn’t represent the entire country and, as often, the big cities aren’t my favorite places. However, there are many interesting places to see in Bogota. The first one is the church of Cerro Monserrate. This church is on the top of a mountain and from there, you will have a view of the city. You can climb there on foot and take the car cable. Bogota has also several museums and there are two museums I particularly loved: the Botero museum and the gold museum. The first one concerns mostly the famous Colombian artist Botero and…

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    Colombia: trek in Tayrona Park

    The national and natural Tayrona park is one of the most popular parks in Colombia. It is located in the extreme north of the country, along with the Caribbean coast. This park is famous for the hike and the paradisaical beaches. How could I resist? Thus, I decided to hike there for 2 days and I’m going to tell you everything about it! How to access? The departure point is in Santa Marta. This city is the closest and most accessible to enter easily in Tayrona Park. From Santa Marta, there are collectivos leaving every 30-45min for the park. The single way costs 7 000COP/pers. Once you’re in the collectivo,…

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    World tour: Japan

    Aah, Japan, this mysterious country that so many people dream to visit one day. Of course, this country was on my list of countries I want to see absolutely! I visited it for one month and I did all I could to see the most! I let you discover my itinerary and my feelings about Japan! Step 1: Tokyo I start my discovery of this country by its capital: Tokyo. With its giant size, you can agree that it is very easy to spend one week without getting bored. All the districts and the surrounding cities will keep you busy. First, the sumos district: Ryogoku. It’s in this district that…

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    I tried the onsen

    The onsen is the symbol of the Japanese art of living and welfare. It is indissociable from Japan and if you visit this country without going there, you may regret it. The onsen, what is this? The onsen is like a spa. Indeed, it is a hot bath and the water is heated thanks to a geothermal source. So, there are hot and cold baths or sauna and/or solarium depending on the establishment. Well, ok, but we can find spas everywhere in Europe or around the world. So why is the onsen so particular? Because the main difference is that you are totally naked. No clothes, even not a swimsuit…