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    World tour: Colombia

    Step 1: Bogota Bogota is the capital of Colombia. However, as often, the capital doesn’t represent the entire country and, as often, the big cities aren’t my favorite places. However, there are many interesting places to see in Bogota. The first one is the church of Cerro Monserrate. This church is on the top of a mountain and from there, you will have a view of the city. You can climb there on foot and take the car cable. Bogota has also several museums and there are two museums I particularly loved: the Botero museum and the gold museum. The first one concerns mostly the famous Colombian artist Botero and…

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    Travels diaries

    Colombia: trek in Tayrona Park

    The national and natural Tayrona park is one of the most popular parks in Colombia. It is located in the extreme north of the country, along with the Caribbean coast. This park is famous for the hike and the paradisaical beaches. How could I resist? Thus, I decided to hike there for 2 days and I’m going to tell you everything about it! How to access? The departure point is in Santa Marta. This city is the closest and most accessible to enter easily in Tayrona Park. From Santa Marta, there are collectivos leaving every 30-45min for the park. The single way costs 7 000COP/pers. Once you’re in the collectivo,…