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    World tour: Japan

    Aah, Japan, this mysterious country that so many people dream to visit one day. Of course, this country was on my list of countries I want to see absolutely! I visited it for one month and I did all I could to see the most! I let you discover my itinerary and my feelings about Japan! Step 1: Tokyo I start my discovery of this country by its capital: Tokyo. With its giant size, you can agree that it is very easy to spend one week without getting bored. All the districts and the surrounding cities will keep you busy. First, the sumos district: Ryogoku. It’s in this district that…

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    I tried the onsen

    The onsen is the symbol of the Japanese art of living and welfare. It is indissociable from Japan and if you visit this country without going there, you may regret it. The onsen, what is this? The onsen is like a spa. Indeed, it is a hot bath and the water is heated thanks to a geothermal source. So, there are hot and cold baths or sauna and/or solarium depending on the establishment. Well, ok, but we can find spas everywhere in Europe or around the world. So why is the onsen so particular? Because the main difference is that you are totally naked. No clothes, even not a swimsuit…