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I tried ...!

I tried the waterboard in Belfast harbor

Do you know waterboard? Personally, I discovered what it was just before tried it. And the second I saw it, I’ve decided to try it! So instead of explaining what it is with a long and boring article, I’ll show you a video.

Now, you know what waterboard is, I’ll detail my experience


In Belfast harbor, just behind the Titanic museum.


It’s not open all the days, you will have more chance during the weekend and the afternoon.

The price


This price includes the material and the instructions for beginners.

How long?

The session lasts around 1 hour: 15 mins for initiation and 45min for practicing.

The waterboard

Before you start the session, there are some details to fix. First of all, the instructor gives you all the equipment you need: swimsuit, helmet, and of course the board. Once you’re dressed, the instructor shows you the movements on the ground and you repeat them. It’s not complicated but very useful.

Now, the interesting part begins! You go into the water, catch the rope and try to stand up. Between two tries, the person who is responsible for your safety may give you some advice and help you.

After 45 min, the session finishes and you get off the water. At the moment, you’re glad to take a shower in the bungalow! However, don’t forget to take with you all you’ll need for the shower.

My opinion

I loved it! I’ve never tried a sport like this before and yet I enjoyed it and had fun. Even if the beginning is not easy, quickly I stood up. It’s really the kind of activity I like: an unusual place and easy enough to enjoy from the first time.

Moreover, the instructors are friendly and willing to make you discover this sport. However, it’s an exhausting activity. When I looked at the other, I didn’t think I will be so tired at the end. But, if I have another opportunity to try it, I will certainly try again!

And you, do you want to try it or did you already try it?

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