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Week end in

Week end in Seville : what to do ? What to see ?

Roman, Arabic then Spanish, Seville’s history is a combination of several civilizations and thus cultures. All these influences are still visible nowadays when you walk in the city. You discover a mixture of Roman, Arabic, and Spanish which is surprising.

How to get there?

Seville has one airport where some low-cost companies land from all of Europe.

You can also choose to get there by train. The train station Santa Justa is 15min walking from the city center.


The winter was the perfect season for me. There are not many tourists and the weather is nice. In my case, I visited Seville during February. I had sunny days and 22°C while it was snowing in France.

I advise you to avoid the summer if you can. The temperatures are high (35-40°C) as the number of tourists.

The cost

You can find accommodation for a cheap price. I found a hostel in the city center for ~20€.

What is more expensive will be the fees entrance of the several monuments: Alcazar (9,50€) or the cathedral (9€), etc. It could cost a lot if you want to visit all of the monuments.

The transportation

To visit Seville, the best solution is to walk! The city center is pretty small and everything is on a walking distance. However, if you want to see other districts, you can easily rent a bike for the day.

My must sees in Seville

Plaza de España

Place d'espagne - SévilleThis is THE touristic place of Sevilla. It is a half circle and surrounded by benches which represent all communities in Spain.

The buildings and the benches are beautiful and deserve to been seen even if you don’t like architectural monuments.

On this place, you will find the departure for the tour with horses to visit Seville.

Maria Luisa’s Park

This park is next to the Plaza de España. I enjoyed walking in this park especially when I was looking for a fresh place in the shade. You can also enjoy the different gardens (Glorieta) everywhere in the park.

parc san maria

Real Alcazaralcazar

Real Alcazar is an enormous fortified palace in the center of Seville. This is where you will see the Arabic style in Sevilla thanks to the history in this region. This palace deserves to be visited but also the gardens. They are beautiful and as big as the palace.

If you want to visit the palace and/or gardens, I advise you to buy your tickets in advance or come early in the morning before the opening hours. In my case, I arrived 30 min before the opening hours and a dozen persons were already here waiting.

What else in Seville?

Seville’s cathedral

Just next to the Real Alcazar, the cathedral is the other famous place in Seville. There are several little treasures to see but the most exceptional is the Christophe Colomb’s grave.


Giralda’s tower is part of the cathedral. It is a former minaret transformed nowadays into the cathedral’s spire.

See a flamenco show

Don’t forget you’re in Andalusia, thus flamenco is everywhere! In Seville, it’s very easy to find a show. You can even choose if you to see one on a scene or in the street.

Metropol Parasol

This place is very appreciated by the locals. That’s surprised me when I arrived are the shapes of the big “mushrooms”. But then, I loved them especially when I was looking for shades and a breeze during the hotter hours of the day.


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