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Week end in

Week end in Sydney

Sydney, the Australian city at the other side of the world is the dream of some many people. Many of them place this city on their To-Do list. And for those who want to go there soon, here are my advise and my crushes to enjoy the city.

How access to Sydney?

To access to the city, there is no choice, you have to take a flight! Australia is an island, the aircraft is the only way to access it.


You have to keep in mind that the seasons in Australia are reversed compared to Europe. Thus, in January-February, it’s the summer in Australia. However, the temperatures stay between 20 and 35°C all year. Sydney is a nice place to visit during any period!

The cost

Let’s be clear: Sydney is expensive. The best solution is to book as soon as soon the accommodation to have the best prices. For the rest, it’s possible to find cheap restaurants and many activities are free.

The transports

One of the best ways to discover the city for a cheap cost is to use common transportation. Sydney is well served by bus and subway. For 2-3$, you can cross all the city by bus. When you arrived at the airport, you can buy the Opale Card there. With this card, you can take every common transportation: subway, bus, etc.

My crushes in Sydney and in the vicinity

  • Sydney Opera House

sydney opera houseI begin with the symbol of Sydney and even of Australia! The Opera House is so iconic that I dreamed to see it and I wasn’t disappointed. The building impressed me and I loved to discover it. If you’re interested in it, you can choose a guided tour to visit the inside and during the night, the building is illuminated in an artistic manner.


  • New town

New Town is THE district I loved the most in Sydney. It’s this district, you will find the alternative culture of Sydney. Like in Candem for London, New Town is the ideal place to discover unique shops and atmosphere. By the way, if you’re looking for a souvenir or an original gift, have a look in this borough.

  • Figures 8 pools

figure 8 poolsThis place is not in Sydney but in the vicinity, 1h30 by car from the city center. This is one of the places which will stay in my mind all my life. The access is a little complicated, even by car, once in the car park, you have to walk 1 hour and arrive when the tide is low. However, it worth it. The figures 8 pools are natural pools with the shape of an 8 and full of salted water. You can relax there, but there are not big enough to swim ;).

Don’t forget to bring enough food, drink and sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, etc. to protect you from the sun. There is nothing there, so if you’re forget something, too bad for you!

The must-see in Sydney

  • Three sisters

The Three Sisters are not in Sydney but in the vicinity. The best moment to admire them is during the sunset.

You can also walk until the 3 peaks and cross a bridge to have a point of view on the valley.

three sisters

  • Chinatown

Like in each big city, there is a Chinatown. And like in each big city, this district is a complete change of scenery. During a few streets, you could think you are on another continent.

  • Central Business District (CBD)

This is where all the biggest buildings and companies’ headquarters are. It’s also in this district where you will find most of the must-see buildings and places of Sydney.

  • Mary’s Cathedral and Hyde Park

Mary’s cathedral is the most important cathedral in Sydney. She is located next to Hyde Park, a perfect place to relax. These 2 places are out of time and out of the city noise.

mary's cathedrale

  • Victoria’s queen building

The Victoria’s queen building is the equivalent of the Lafayette Gallery in Paris. The building is beautiful and has luxurious shops. Take your time to walk around and admire the place, the inside but the outside too.

victoria queens building

  • Bondi beach and the other beaches

One of the most popular stereotypes about the Australians is that they are all surfers. And for this, Australians need beaches, and Sydney has lots of them. The most famous one is Bondi Beach but Sydney has many others and I advise you to see them. Personally, I liked walking from one beach to another, the hike is really nice and you can enjoy the landscapes.

  • Darling bridge

Every Saturday nights, all the year, there is a firework at 9 pm and you can see it from Darling Bridge. When the firework is done, you can enjoy Sydney by night and discover another side of the city.

And you, what were your crushes in Sydney? Any advice to add to enjoy more the city?


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