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World tour : Guyana

Guyana belongs to the 3 Guyanas with Suriname and French Guyana. After I visited these two last countries, it was obvious I visit this mysterious country located between Suriname, Brazil, and Venezuela. This country is not a touristic place, thus it was complicated for me to find any information. It was once I arrived, I discovered it without having a clue of what I could expect.

Step 1: Georgetown

Georgetown is Guyana’s capital. To get there, it’s easy because all the main roads go to this city. In my case, I arrived from Suriname. At the border, there are buses and taxis to drive you during all the day and in 2-3 you arrive in Georgetown.

The capital has several attractions you should not miss. If you like architecture and old buildings, you will love the City hall, the Justice Court or Saint Georges Cathedral. This cathedral is the biggest wooden cathedral in South America.


If you prefer to walk in parks, I advise you to go to Promenade Gardens but mostly to the National Park to see wild manatees (in the “Manatees pond”). You can see them easily because they get out to eat the grass along the pond.


The best places to shop are two markets: Bourda market and Stabroek market. The last one is more impressive because of the building where it is located.

To visit the rest of Guyana, you have to book tours. The transportation outside the city (when it exists) is expensive and when you add the accommodation and the activities, the price is the same as the travel agency.

Step 2: Arrowpoint

Arrowpoint is a day trip. This activity includes the visit of an Amerindian village, to hike in the jungle, to kayak in the jungle and to ride a bicycle in the jungle. Everything is included: transportation, lunch, equipment, and even hammock to chill along a river. It is a perfect tour is you are a nature lover!

Price: 110US$/pers.

Step 3: Kaieteur

Kaiteur’s Waterfall is the number one attraction in Guyana. This waterfall is 225 height and is located in the jungle. To get there, there is only one solution: the aircraft (for 12pers. max). It takes one hour by plane to reach the waterfall. Then you walk around 15 minutes before you can the waterfall. During the walk, you may see animals like the Cock of the Rock, if you are lucky. But, of course, the main attraction is the waterfall. From the viewpoint, you can take many pictures as you want and admire the waterfall entirely.


The price to see this wonderful attraction is 190US$, which, after many research, is the cheapest price I found. If you want to book, it is easy, you just have to go on this website:


You’ve already guessed it, but to travel in Guyana is expensive. Honestly, it was more expensive as I expected. If the cost of living is low, the tours and the accommodation are very high, especially if you compare to other countries in South America. Finally, the tours represent half of my budget and the accommodation one-third of it.

  • Aim budget: 12 124 GYD/day/pers. (~52€/day/pers. In July 2019)

  • Real Budget: 10 201GYD/day/pers. (~44€/day/pers. In July 2019)

To conclude, Guyana is a beautiful country but you don’t need to stay weeks to visit it. Even if there are beautiful places to visit, it is too bad the activities are so expensive and may dissuade some.

And you, did you already visit Guyana or you plan to?

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