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World tour: Suriname

After one month in French Guyana, I decided to continue my road to the West and to go to Suriname. This small country was mysterious to me until I reached it. I was surprised when I discovered the different places I can visit here.

Step 1: Galibi

Galibi is close to French Guyana’s border. To access to it it’s easy, but you have to be organized. Let me explain you. There is only one boat per day from Albina (the city at the border) which goes to Galibi but there is no boat every day to come back to Albina from Galibi. Thus, you have to be sure there is a boat the day you want to leave.

Once you arrived in Galibi, there are two things to do: enjoy the most beautiful beach in Suriname and observe turtles. To observe the turtles, you have to book a tour because you need a boat to reach the beach where you can see them. Everything is during the night and you will need red light and repellent.

Step 2: Paramaribo

Paramaribo is the capital of Suriname. It is easy to access it directly from Albina by bus or taxi.

SurinameThe city center of Paramaribo is listed as UNESCO world heritage. When you walk in the city, you can see old buildings made of wood everywhere. There are also the Zeelandia fort and the park next to it with the official buildings that are worth to be seen.

The second famous thing in Paramaribo is the diversity of religions. You can easily find many different places of worship: churches, mosque, synagogue, temples, etc. And the most impressive is they can be side by side. For example, I saw a synagogue next to a mosque and every religion has a deep respect for all the other religions.

If you are a nature and animals lover, there is a nice activity in Suriname is to observe pink dolphins. I’m talking of course of wild animals in their natural environment. To do so, you have to book a tour of a travel agency. The tour lasts around 3h and starts around 4 pm. You will take a boat and go along the coast in the ocean to see the pink dolphins.

Step 3: Brownsberg parkSuriname

Brownsberg park is the second place listed as UNESCO world heritage in Suriname. To go there, you have to drive 4h in the south of Paramaribo. And as usual, you need a tour to be able to access it. Agencies offer several options to visit the park according to the time you have and your budget. It is possible to go there one day, two days or more. In my case, I went there for 2 days. I enjoyed the park and slept there one night.

The first day, we hiked in the jungle until two waterfalls where we swam. Of course, during the hike, the guide gave us some explanations about the jungle, the plants and the animals living here. The next morning, we looked for wild animals in the jungle: monkeys, birds, insects, etc. To finish we spent the afternoon on an island chilling on the beach.

The food

If you read my article about French Guyana, you already know the typical dishes in Suriname: Nassi and Bami. You find these everywhere in the city, at the restaurant or in the street. They are simple but very good: they are composed of chicken with vegetables and rice for the Nassi or noodle for the Bami. However, be careful with the spicy sauce, it is very spicy.


The cost of life in Suriname is petty low. Yet, the tours are very expensive. Unfortunately, as soon as you want to visit something or go somewhere outside of the city, you have to book a tour. Thus, your spending might be higher than you think. In my case, the activities represent one-third of my final budget.

Aim budget: 268 SRD/day/pers. (~32€/day/pers. In July 2019)

Real budget: 119 SRD/day/pers. (~14€/day/pers. In July 2019)

This is it for Suriname! This small country surprised me a lot with its culture and the respect of each other (which should be normal everywhere in the world). Even if there is not much to visit and one or two weeks are enough to visit Suriname, I advise you to come here if you are around this country.


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